Life in a Pandemic

Well here we are, forced to connect with each other and find ways to manage a simpler life. It’s been a few weeks since my last blog. In all honesty it’s taken some time to figure out how to manage life and the new schedule. Given that Georgia is under a shelter in place order, my kids and I have even stopped going down the street to the farm. This can be a very challenging time for everyone. Not only is the change in routine incredibly difficult for children and many adults, but the lack of sensory input can be developmentally destructive. I know I’ve heard many of you are out there trying to do hikes with the family or walks in the neighborhood. I think that’s fantastic! I’ve challenged myself to loosen the reins on the kinds of activities my children are doing. There is so much nervous energy and fear in our children today. Now’s the time to let them play and connect. This is when you want to let your kids climb trees, run like crazy in the backyard, pick up sticks to play Star Wars, play a game of family freeze tag, a little hide and seek or even just some sports on the lawn. My family and I played freeze tag in the backyard today. Not only did my husband and I get the most incredible work out, but we had so much fun laughing and connecting. I have four kids ages 4 to 12. It’s hard to get everyone to want to play the same things. But every time without fail my kids love chasing me in the backyard. But there are challenges too. My kids miss their friends, their cousins, their after school activities. Plays and recitals postponed. Graduations cancelled. Jobs lost. In my 40 years on earth, I’ve never been through anything like this before. It’s uncharted water and so most days I breathe and just try to keep the connection with my family strong. A slightly different perspective that came to mind recently was that maybe all of this was a gift ...a chance to simplify and connect. The science behind connecting to each other and nature is there. And I get it...It’s hard to see the silver lining. I have 4 special needs kids and homeschooling while working is a challenge to say the least. But this has also been weirdly refreshing. I’m getting to know my kids better and I’m setting an example for how to manage life in a pandemic...get back to earth and family. I hope you all get some time to connect this Spring.

And I’m incredibly hopeful all this is over by summer so we can all get back to our fun plans for summer farm and nature camp! Wishing you well from my family to yours. Stay healthy!

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